Student Life

Arcada ES wishes everyone an AESome summer!

June 17, 2014

Hello lovely people!

We have now ended our first school year! How amazing has it been!? Let me tell you!

We started of with Markus in Manchester in September 2013 with an amazing international entrepreneurship festival, got back and hooked up with some amazing students at Arcada and founded the society. Since we started we have organised tons of fun stuff such as different AESbreaker events for different lines of students, Thaw Talk which was probably one of our biggest challenges yet! We have participated in SLUSH, we have organised ES Weekend and met all of Finlands different Entrepreneurship Societies and best of all we have met so many awesome new people, made friends for life and hooked up with investors, entrepreneurs and even Mr. Bruce Oreck at the US Embassy!

I could go on and on about all of this put if you have followed us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram the you probably now this already, if you don’t then please follow from now on!

We have had the pleasure of meeting and working with a ton of people the past 9 months and I and the AES Team want to thank all of you! But I feel that there is a couple who need some special recognition for their dedication for the society. First of all Arcada ES godmother Mervi Hernberg who has been there from the beginning supporting us and helping us through the rough start, you are truly AESome! The communications department of Arcada, Gunilla, Andréa, Daniel, Fredrik and Steffen you have given us SO much, thank you for all the support! Aaltoes and Hanken ES you guys have been amazing supporting the small new born Arcada ES with all the invitation and teamwork we have done, we truly hope that we can work together in the future as well! Arcada Lindstedt Stiftelsen and Jan-Erik Krusberg our Head of Development at Arcada thank you for the financial support you have given us, this will take us a long way! And all the students of Arcada, without you guys this would not have been as great as it has been!

If you are wondering whats happening during the summer in the ES community we know that Aaltoes Summer of Startups program has a BBQ every wednesday at Startup Sauna, Hanken ES is going to host some amazing events also, Boost Turku and LUT ES are having some really cool summer programs as well so follow up and get to now some great people!

But stay tuned, there is going to happen some amazing staff from next fall again so follow up on us every now and then and you fill know when it starts happening!

Have and awesome summer, enjoy the weather once it gets warmer and see you in a couple of months!


Mathias & AES Team