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AES: The Future of Health and Entrepreneurship

September 21, 2016

Hello, fellow students, both new and old!

You might have heard that we are organizing a health-themed event this Friday. No? Head over to our Facebook event to read more and sign up immediately. It will definitely be worth it!

We personally think this might be one of the best events AES has ever organised. The content is amazing, with tens of Finnish health startups and innovators with great experience, few to name: Vertical, Heltti, and Lifted. We feel that this is an eye-opener for everyone with a curious mind and interest in health. The Health Students of Arcada really deserve a new perspective on the overall health scene.

The lineup of companies and speakers will make sure you find new motivation and inspiration for the coming year. In addition to information and new knowledge, some of the companies have more hands-on deals to offer. Several companies, such as Health Spa and Slush, are continuously looking for talents to help them out. This is a great opportunity to network yourself into a part-time job!

Lastly, we at Arcada Entrepreneurship Society wants to include as many new people to the entrepreneurial and startup-minded world as possible. That’s why we are organising this fall’s hottest competition during this event. The amazing price are tickets to Slush 2016 for you and your friend!

I hope to see you all at the event! This is a great possibility for everyone, and especially for health students of Arcada, to get familiar with the new twists and turns of the health industry.

Have a great week,

/Rasmus, Malin, Tinja, Kim and the rest of the AES team

PS. Be on time – we start at 9am with a delicious breakfast!
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