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AES: Spring 2016

March 3, 2016


Hello everyone!

The year 2016 for AES has started well. As the Chairman of Arcada Entrepreneurship Society I’ve gathered the team together and we have come up with a bunch of exciting ideas for the upcoming year!

Our beloved board members Gustav, Kim and Roosa went to Oulu in February to see the Polar Bear Pitching which our friends from Oulu Entrepreneurship Society hosted.  The event is basically about people with ideas pitching them for the world, but at Polar Bear Pitching they have no time limit but they must do it in a ice hole!

We’ve also been to the Aaltoes & Startup Sauna kickoff party last Friday which was crazy as always. It was the usual startup buzz with free drinks and good music. But the fun was mixed with work, we also talked about possible collaboration between AES and Aaltoes as we both are located in the Helsinki area.

We’ve also been discussing a lot with Helsinki Think Company about future collaboration as they seem to have a good flow going on at their organization. They opened their third premise at Meilahti yesterday, the grand opening of the premises were incredible, hundreds of people at the spot, a good mix of academics and startup people, way to go!

What’s next?

Next week we are going to host our second Brekkie of the year. Everyone is welcome to join and enjoy our free breakfast at Cor-house next Tuesday. In February we had Kustaa from Jouk as guest. It was great to see that so many could come!

Coming up:

At the end of March we are going to hop on the train to Vaasa, where we are going to co-host an event together with Vaasa Entrepreneurship Society.

If you want to be a part of AES or have any kind of questions, you can ask me directly through email ( or just show up at our event and come talk with us, we are arms open for new people!

I feel very optimistic towards the year 2016!

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Stay AESome, and enjoy your spring!


Rasmus Ekholm


Arcada Entrepreneurship Society