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AES at SLUSH: Nicholas Sjöblom

November 9, 2015

Next up is Nicholas, he is a second year marketing student at Arcada, he is attending Slush for the first time, he will be volunteering in the pre-registration team.

What are you most looking forward to?

I have never been to Slush so really looking forward to see everything.

What will you be doing at Slush?

I am in the pre-registration team, so I will be printing badges for the guests.

Why should people go or volunteer to Slush?

I can tell when I have experienced it myself, but I can already tell that it is a nice opportunity to meet new people and have fun. Nice to see how a event this big is been made almost only by volunteers.

Anything else you want to share regarding Slush?

Had fun the first “workday” at pre registrations, looking forward to the other days and the event itself.

I bet Nicholas is going to enjoy the upcoming work shifts at the pre-registration points.