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AES at SLUSH: Mandi Petrell

November 9, 2015

Next up is Mandi Petrell. Mandi is a second year student, studying Occupational therapy. 

Hi Mandi, is it your first time at Slush?

Why did you want to volunteer?
Everybody have been talking about Slush the past two years, so this year I wanted to join and see what it’s all about. I also wanted to try out something totally new and kinda push myself out of my comfort zone. It´s the best way to explore new things and the atmosphere at Slush is unique, people are so nice here!

What are you most looking forward to?
This is a common question, but I really can’t pick just one thing. I look forward to everything! Also all the work that´s been done beforehand have been fun and challenging, in a good way! smile emoticon

What will you be doing at Slush?
I’m a Concierge group leader, our group will take care of special guests at Slush. I started with interviews in June and in the end of August I had 16 really talented volunteers in my team. Now we focus on info lectures, volunteer trainings and workshops. During the event we will make sure that our guests have everything they need, that they’re in time to their meetings and if there is some extra time, show them around in Helsinki if they like.

We wish Mandi and her team good luck for Slush!

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