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AES at Slush: Gustav Thomasson

November 10, 2015

Next up: Gustav Thomasson, Business Administration/Logistics student & Board Member at AES.

Gustav, why did you want to volunteer?
Last year at Slush I was the main AES tweeter and really firing off tweets like crazy!
This year I wanted to volunteer to be able to experience Slush from the inside and meet the people that make the awesome group spirit and Slush movement happen!!!

What are you most looking forward to?
The Slush spirit and can do attitude combined with mind blowing world class talks and ideas on hot subjects! Meeting fellow volunteers and a spectacular two days of Slush! Also excellent coffee by Kalle Freese 🙂

What will you be doing at Slush?
I’m part of the concierge team and will see to that my V.I.P is on time to meetings and has everything needed for a successful Slush 2015.

Any specific or favorite memory or experience from previous Slush you’d like to share?
The atmosphere and the energy of the people present at Slush. Especially sitting at the main stage right up front, behind the judges and watching RePack, CosmEthics and Enbrite.ly compeete for first place in the pitching competition and Enbrite.ly winning 500000€ and the whole crowd exploding with excitement!

Why should people go or volunteer to Slush?
Startups: to validate their ideas! Others: to get that spark that ignites their idea, so they can go to Slush next year and validate it!
Volunteers: a great way to get inspired and to meet people and you never know where that will lead!

Anything else you want to share regarding Slush ?
Plan ahead what you want to see, you easily get overwhelmed. Make a plan but be flexible and enjoy the awesome ride that is Slush !

Remember Gustav’s advices!
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