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AES at SLUSH: Emil Halmén

November 4, 2015


Next up is our new star Emil, who is a new team member at AES, he is volunteering for the first time at Slush and is studying business at Arcada for the first year.

Why did you want to volunteer?

The people and the fuzz was so convincing that I just had to. Also a very good friend of mine gave me some insights of the event that helped me make my decision.

What are you most looking forward to?

The so much hyped energy at the event, where all the enthusiasts and startup driven people get to interact and have a great time!

What will you be doing at Slush?

I’m a volunteer at the Pre-registration team, so hopefully all my actual work will be finished before the main event so I get to roam around and meet as many new people as I can.

Why should people go or volunteer to Slush?

Why not? What I’ve learned about people who have attended Slush (as a volunteer or a guest) is that everybody has told that it is one of their most memorable experiences. Who would want to miss something like that?

I’m sure Emil will get his most memorable experience out of #slush15