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AES: Ice Breaker Event 2017

January 30, 2017


Hello all,

During the weekend (27-29.1) Johan and Claudia visited the fantastic annual Ice Breaker Event organized by Mikkeli Entrepreneurship Society. The event was held at Lomakoti Mäntyniemi, Mikkeli by a beautiful lake of eastern Finland.

The event and weekend is all about getting to know and network with the new boards of all the entrepreneurship societies in Finland, the ES family. In other words, an inspiring, fascinating and motivational weekend with likeminded people all around.

On Friday, the adventure begun with driving up to Mikkeli. We shared our car trip to Mikkeli with a few other members from Haaga-Helia Entrepreneurship Society. At arrival, we were registered and got to choose which cottage and room we wanted to have. The afternoon continued with a visit from the Mayor of Mikkeli, Timo Halonen, during which there was a discussion about the startup atmosphere in Finnish cities. In the evening, we had further networking activities and sauna on the agenda.

On the main day, Saturday, we ate breakfast in the morning after which Andre Juselius, from Laurea Entrepreneurship Society, held an inspiring speech about all the opportunities we have and having the right mindset for these to become reality. The day continued with lunch and a keynote speech by Jonas Mikkilä, from Suomen Yrittäjät (eng. Federation of Finnish Enterprises). The whole event was sponsored by Nuoret Yrittäjät (eng. Young Entrepreneurs of Finland).

Next in the agenda we had some more networking and a presentation by Kirill Kovalev, from Maria 0-1 and Haaga-Helia ES followed with a panel discussion. Dinner was served after which we were divided in teams for some networking games. The day ended with sauna, swimming in avanto (eng. hole in the frozen lake) and a disco.

On Sunday, it was time to leave Lomakoti Mäntyniemi. It was yet again time to say goodbye and thank you to the Ice Breaker Event and to the wonderful group of people we have in the entrepreneurship society ecosystem. Coming home from Mikkeli feels like coming home to new opportunities, everything is possible and together we can make great things for the entrepreneurial scene in Finland.

Thank you to Mikkeli Entrepreneurship Society for organizing Ice Breaker Event 2017.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact our board or me personally.

Johan Björkman
Arcada Entrepreneurship Society – AES
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