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AES: FallUp 2017 – a marvelous success

November 13, 2017

Hello all,

What a marvelous success FallUp 2017 turned out to be! A lot of preparations went into this the event but it was definitely worth it on so many levels. Thank you Aalto Entrepreneurship Society and the whole team of volunteers who made FallUp this year.

We got to represent the ecosystem and community and it was AESome. We got the pleasure to meet a lot of familiar and new faces. Talked with contacts from before and got acquainted with contacts for the future. There was also many companies present, both local and global new startups and larger enterprises which had their own pop-up stands and booths.

The program this year, proved to be a round-up of very different personalities and backgrounds. Which was a positive factor since it got to show the many contrasting faces of the entrepreneurial stories and mindset.

Nelli Lähteenmäki described how off-track skiing is the areas an entrepreneur want’s to and should face while cross-country skiing is where the tracks have already been made for one and are more familiar. The challenge is partly non-existent when cross-country skiing.

Kalle Freese explained how his entrepreneurial road started from the simple idea of making someone’s day better by making a good cup of coffee.

Oskari Kettunen told us an interesting prediction, that in the future there is actually no programming skills required but how to program the programs in your everyday life will become the next challenge in society.

We also would like to take the opportunity to promote one brilliant startup aimed at students, that we met at FallUp: Wanderwork.
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Johan Björkman
Arcada Entrepreneurship Society – AES
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