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AES: Engaging, impressive Arilyn

May 2, 2017

Hello all,

What an engaging presentation we got to experience during our second Brekkie of the year with Arilyn! The morning started like our first one did. A few hungry ones came early, some later on. People were grabbing breakfast and settling down to mingle and network.

AES presented themselves after which Eeva Jäntti from Arilyn took the stage.

The presentation started slightly differently than before. The attendees were asked to introduce themselves and primarily answer the questions on what they study and what they might know about Arilyn from before the breakfast.

Day’s program continued by Arilyn being introduced and explained. What you can do with the app as a normal user and as a client of the company.

Arilyn is a technology company based in Helsinki. It’s one of the leading Nordic augmented reality companies out there which is providing augmented reality tools for marketing and advertising with they are aiming to revolutionize and expand on the augmented features on-top of the real world.

Augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR) are both growing very rapidly. We are talking about a development that is extremely popular and rich of ideas both commercially, hardware and marketing based. Not to speak of all the other possibilities such as in gaming and other experiences.

Jäntti discussed also a lot about the importance of having a well-planned concept and a working context for the marketing – and advertising campaigns they are working. “Storytelling and interactivity are key elements to make these campaigns interesting and capturing for the user.”

Thank you to all that showed up! We hope you enjoyed! We’d like to say thank you to Arilyn and Eeva Jäntti for the impressive and engaging presentation. Thank you Arcada Student Union – ASK for providing the facilities.

Stay tuned, more info about the the coming events will follow.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact our board or me personally.

Johan Björkman
Arcada Entrepreneurship Society – AES
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