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AES: Day one of the Nordic Business Forum live stream

October 3, 2017

Hello all,

Yesterday was the first day of the Nordic Business Forum conference 2017 and so was our first day of our live stream event which we are organizing together with Helsinki Think Company, Laurea Entrepreneurship Society, Hanken Entrepreneurship Society, Haaga-Helia Entrepreneurship Society and in collaboration with University of Helsinki.

The day went really well. Attendees and friends of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the entrepreneurial societies started to show up quite early. Along the day many of the seats were filled at Tiedekulma, where the event is held.

Probably the most interesting and unique speaker of the first day was Sir Richard Branson and here are a few valuable life-lessons from him that we picked up that he discussed about during his time on the stage;

Screw it, get out and do it” – believe in your idea and do not let anything stop you, failure is also totally ok.
An entrepreneur is a person who has an idea to make others peoples lives better” – an entrepreneur is characterized differently but the way you look at it, Branson strongly believes improving the lives of others is an entrepreneur.
I’ve had a lot more fun by saying Yes than saying No” – adventure is key to many great stories and ventures. You meet new people and you also meet new challenges.
The ones with a roof over their head has no excuse to not be happy” – first world problems. A lot of people complain and are unhappy even though the situation in comparison with others, who are less unfortunate, is a lot more stable.
Do not stretch yourself thin and delegate” – always remember that the persons around can help and they are there to help.

Of course Froosh Suomi was present with their delicious smoothies which they gave out to all the attendees! Thank you for coming Froosh.

The event continues today and one can still register for the event here (day 2 ticket).

Stay tuned for more posts!
If you have any questions, feel free to contact our board or me personally.

Johan Björkman
Arcada Entrepreneurship Society – AES
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