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AES: Brekkie with Nordic Sales Crew

March 21, 2017

Hello all,

What an amazing day our first Brekkie with Nordic Sales Crew turned out to be. Sunshine, delicious breakfast and inspired people all around! The morning started very early for us. A lot of preparation was needed. Facilities to decorate and set up. Food to be bought and served. A lot to be done, but everything went very well.

The event started. A few hungry ones came early, some later on. People were starting to gather at the Cor-house. Our troubadour played some nice smooth tunes while people were grabbing breakfast and settling down to mingle and network.

Soon it was our turn to present ourselves as persons and as AES. What AES does and stand for and how you can be part of it. This was discussed. The presentations continued and Nordic Sales Crew took the stage.

Three persons and later four were present from Nordic Sales Crew (NSC). NSC presented their company and what kind of selling they conduct. “Show yourself. It does a lot”, NSC explained. This is important. Impact is created by connecting and connections make experiences you couldn’t imagine.

The idea behind NSC, which started 2015, was simply to help other companies to sell better, improve and create sale opportunities. Look at NSC today. Employees and offices all over Finland. “Network and connections, the feeling in the company is unique”.

On the topic of actually selling, NSC explained that you recognize quite easily when it’s time to stop the conversation and letting the customer go. Avoiding the “No” answer is necessary. To avoid the “No”, you need to focus and direct to conversation somewhere else and try approaching the “Yes” from a different angle – “Smiling does the thing”.

After the presentations, the morning continued with more food and music by Kappe Koutonen. As a last note: Thank you all for coming. We hope you enjoyed! We’d like to say thank you to Nordic Sales Crew for the presentation and for sponsoring the event and Arcada studerandekår – ASK for providing the facilities.

Stay tuned, more info about the AES: Open Meeting 28.3 will follow.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact our board or me personally.

Johan Björkman
Arcada Entrepreneurship Society – AES
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