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AES BBQ Master Chef Gustav Thomasson

November 24, 2014

Last Saturday, 15th of November, we participated in the Restaurant Day with our RIBS by AES Restaurant. We had so much fun and want to thank everyone who came by. It took 12 hours, 40L of bbq sauce and 80kg’s of ribs to make everything happen and man did we succeed? YES !

However, our BBQ event wouldn’t have happened if it wouldn’t have  been for our AESome Team member and Master Chef: Gustav Thomasson. Here’s a short interview we did with Gusse.

Hey Gusse, what’s up?
Today I am on my way for a nice dinner with friends, after a busy week during which I participated in the technology and entrepreneur focused Slush conference and organized a barbecued ribs stand in central Helsinki for Restaurant Day. Both as a part of Arcada Entrepreneurship Society

What’s the best part about restaurant day?
I think that Restaurant day gives people the chance to fulfill their dreams to bake, using the family recipe or just try something spontaneous for fun without having to wrap their heads around too much bureaucratic regulation and paperwork.

Do you think entrepreneurship and Restaurant day goes hand-in-hand?
Yes! As a RD participant you make a plan, source ingredients, contact suppliers and make contracts for goods and services. Everything from figuring out how you will market your event to pricing is basically entrepreneurship in action. RD gives you the opportunity to test an idea if you are skeptical about starting a business around it.

Let’s see what Gustav comes up with next Restaurant Day 😉

//Jessica & AES Team


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