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A new year with AES!

January 15, 2015


Hello everyone! Every new year deserves a fresh start so we have mixed ourselves up with a new board with fresh faces ready to take AES into the new year.

We’re very excited as last year ended with a bang when Peter Vesterbacka hosted our panel discussion ThawTalk which we created with the help of the AESome film&TV students at Arcada. If you missed that it’s definitely worth a watch, it gives a very good idea of what the whole ES community is all about.

One year ago we went into January with no funding and with only one event behind us without really knowing if there would be any interest in AES. This year we’re much more confident, funded, and racking up quite an impressive list of events with over 35 events held and A LOT of students giving great feedback. In addition to our own events, we had over 200 Arcada students visit Slush and AES collaborated with over 50 organizations during 2014. The interest everyone has shown in AES has really exceeded my expectations especially with students from many of the study lines finding our events inspiring. We always try to make our events interesting to a broad audience, and they’re always open for everyone with no entrance fee.

This spring we’d like to do things a little differently by focusing on events where you will be more involved. AESbreakers will still be around; our first event of the year will be an AESbreaker in early February, but we hope to arrange more events where you can participate more directly.

AES is made by students just like you and our regular bi-weekly meetings are open for everyone. You can come and listen to the latest gigs we’re working on before anyone else, and if something feels like it’s interesting, you can help to make it happen. The AES team consists of around 25 people, some of us are at every event and some of us help out once a year. There are no demands on activity. We’re meeting next on January 22nd, stay tuned on Facebook for the location & time. Feel free to join in 🙂

January 28th, AaltoES is hosting Marc Dillon, co-founder and COO of the cell phone manufacturer Jolla. The Jolla story is truly remarkable about how a small team of people managed to create something that can compete against the big players in the mobile industry. Marc is also a brilliant public speaker (check out their product launch at SLUSH 2014) so this event is something you don’t want to miss. The ES-community style makes this event free & open for everyone, so head on over to Startup Sauna in Otaniemi (Betonimiehenkuja 3) on Jan. 28th at 5 PM and be inspired. AES is also doing a “Going to AaltoES” event where we’ll head over by bus together! I hope to see you outside Arcada at 4PM on the 28th!

If you have any questions or ideas of things you think we should do – feel free to contact me!

Max Edin

Chairperson of AES
+358 50 3210 987