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My Future Work 2017 – A networking event for everyone

February 2, 2017

This year’s My Future Work, which took place last week, saw hundreds of eager participants expand their networks, make new connections and share experiences. One of the inspiring session, called “Network to get work”, was held by Roy Herold from MPS.

Even though My Future Work first and foremost is a networking event, the more than thirty representatives from companies and organisations that participated also took the opportunity to recruit good students and to offer commissions for bachelor’s theses. To build and maintain your network is crucial if you want to stay up to date and find out what is happening in your field, share experiences and succeed in working life.

Why is it worth the investment of time and energy to build a professional network? What can the network offer you and your contacts? Statistics show that at least 60% (some reports claim even more) of people find work through their networks. 94% of all recruiters plan to, or is using, social media in their recruitment process. 89% of all recruiters say that they already have used LinkedIn for recruitment. These were some of the things Roy Herold highlighted in his presentation. Where can you build a network? For example by being active in social media or participating and recruitment and networking events. Make the most of the opportunity when it’s offered. Present yourself, give a firm handshake and ask “who are you?” and “what do you do?” What do you have to offer? What can I offer you? Give some thorough thought as to why you are, your strengths and what makes you someone that is perfect to connect with. Never hesitate to help out people in your network, and never hesitate to ask for a helping hand in turn. It is easier than you think, it’s all about being open to new meetings and experiences.

This year’s My Future Work offered contacts, the opportunity to recruit tomorrow’s experts and inspiration. Many took the chance to learn more about various organizations and hear fascinating stories about entrepreneurship by Kristian Ranta and Ray Lindberg. Both Ranta and Lindberg spoke about the challenges of running a company, about how it’s basically a life-style choice and about how extremely rewarding it is to succeed as an entrepreneur when you get to work with something that you’re passionate about. They shared their energy and passion and they both inspired the audience with their candour and honesty.

I hope to meet you at a networking event soon again!


PS. Now the time is here for you students to start searching for summer work and work practice placements (if you haven’t started already). We figured we’d give you a hand by soon publishing a series of short videos made by first-year media students during the course “Introduction to media production”. The expert answering questions about job hunting is our alumnus, recruitment and career consultant Christel Isberg. Stay tuned!