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Mood design impacts the way you live and work

May 31, 2018


Last month at an alumni event for BBA alumni we had the pleasure to hear, Marjo Rantanen speak about mood design. Mood is something we all experience differently. The base for mood design is the operating environment, the action model and the impressions affects the mood. This is why e.g. leaders should consider mood design in their daily work. In my opinion all team member should consider his or her behaviour, since everybody can contribute to a better mood.

Through mood design, you lead more effectively, and give your team a better experience at work. This way you will engage, help your team to learn new things and to make better decisions. Everybody gains from a good mood, both your team, your clients and the firm. With a good mood, you will also get a team that is more creative. This is great, right. Have you thought about this?

Good mood empowers not only in customer and employee experience, but also in life in general. During the customer experience, the customer will remember mostly how the meeting felt – not necessarily, what happened. If you know your customer, you will know how to build up a positive peak during the meeting to get a good mood and experience. Do you think about how to create a good mood at your meetings?

You can affect others and create a good mood at your work by being nice, helpful and e.g. choosing your words and that way creating a good mood. A bad mood will create stress, paralyze employees leading to more inefficiency and less motivated personnel. Creating a good mood at work you will affect people to do better, to concentrate on the right things and to learn new thing faster – to engage better at work and be healthier.

“A good mood sticks with people, since we can sense the feelings, the intentions and motives behind the actions. By concentrating on building a good mood, you will get better the decisions and results from both your team and customers. Just do it – create a better mood in your everyday life,” says Marjo Rantanen.

Alumni event at Arcada usually has a theme for the alumni event; sure you’ll will always get information on what is going on at the university, get to network and meet peers.  This time we heard Marjo speak, and you got an insight into a new way of leading, how you can be a part of making a better day for your team or clients. If you would like to hear a speaker or a certain topic – do let us know. Thank you to all attendants for making the alumni event a success!

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/Mia Ingman,
Head of external relations