December greetings to our alumni!

December 13, 2017

We are so happy and proud that Arcada once again placed first in the yearly comparison between universities of applied sciences in Finland! The comparison, that takes results both within education and research into account, is based on the funding indicator put in place by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

According to rector Henrik Wolff, this success should first and foremost be credited to ambitious and motivated students and staff. One reason why Arcada’s students are so motivated and ambitious is without a doubt the commitment that Arcada’s alumni show. This autumn we’ve e.g. had alumni visiting as guest lecturers, students have been offered work practise placements and employment, and alumni also joined the jury for the internal idea competition Mindventures. Thank you to all of you who have been involved in making Arcada best in Finland!

Intra- and entrepreneurship is a common theme for everything that happens at Arcada. This is something that we can also see in all the new co-operation projects that are initiated. Innovation was the keyword for e.g. both the project where business administration students analysed Oululainen Pullavas brand and in the EDU-SMEs project, where students play an active role in small and medium sized companies internationalisation.

Arcada’s co-operation with Demola also continues, and a few weeks ago Demola Jam was arranged, where students took on various co-operation projects.

In January Arcada will arrange the networking and recruitment event My Future Work 2018. We welcome all interested alumni to participate in the event, no matter if you’re looking to recruit, want to offer work practice assignments/commissions, or if you’re looking for new work yourselves and want to expand your networks. Welcome!