Student Life

Hyunjee – So what am I doing?

April 18, 2016

Hyunjee Kang, a last-year student in International Business from South Korea, borrows the Arcada Communications blog for a few weeks to write about life and studies in Finland. 

Hello again!! What a fresh Monday to start the week! Good start makes good end, right?

I’ve been thinking about what to write about since my first introduction, and I finally decided on a topic: My current life as a last year student at Arcada.

Nowadays, I am busy. You could say that I’ve started sprinting at the last minute. What do I mean? That I am doing my work practice period, writing my thesis, doing my very last assignments and trying to enjoy my life (it’s also important) – all at once. I’m not a multi-tasking person, but I’m trying.

So, what am I doing?

Let’s first go for trainee life!

Previously, I’ve done an internship at a commercial news agency in Helsinki. And as I already mentioned in my first blog post I’m currently doing my second cycle practical training in the Communication department at Arcada. So, literally, I am experiencing the other side of student life at school nowadays, assisting personnel at the communication departments, like e.g. the alumni coordinator and the congress and event manager. 2 weeks ago I participated in a conference called Mevi2016 as an assistant. It was nice experience, working with other young Finnish assistants in the kind of big conference which has many guests from all over the Finland.

I know that International students can have some trouble when they are looking for Internship (I had the same problem). But you can always check the Arcada Job board and ask the school for a helping hand. This is how I’ve found my trainee places.


I am writing my thesis about a marketing plan for a Finnish farm. I am not good at marketing myself (haha), but hopefully I can create a good marketing plan in my thesis :). I’m half way done. So, cross your fingers for what’s left!

Daily life?

Living (or studying) abroad is really good opportunity! And I think that Finland is a good place to stay and study: it is safe, has good quality education, nice people, etc. Furthermore, since Arcada is Swedish speaking school, you can also learn Swedish while living in Finland.

So, is my daily life any fun? Haha, I can say that it’s rather boring. After being busy at school I go home and work on assignments or write my thesis… then I wake up… (I told you I’m in the middle of the last spurt before graduating). But, between that, I try to enjoy my daily life as well, meeting friends, having coffee, sometime nice dinners, going to parties… :D. It makes me energetic. Balanced life is very important especially during living abroad.

Other than that?

Arcada is a very flexible university of applied sciences in my perspective. So, your grade and your life at Arcada totally depend on you. Like I said, I have some very last assignments left to do. For example, after work today I’m going to go to a mall for surveying. It’s my first time surveying at a mall. Even doing school project assignments, you can get new experiences!

The end.

Good luck all of my blog readers.