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Arcada Masters Event presents: Henrika Franck, Vice Rector of research and innovation at Arcada – Why are rules not enough?

October 15, 2018

Such a great night with interesting discussions and lively engagement among the attendants at the Arcada Masters Event last week! You find an ethical aspect in all actions where others are involved – it is concerned with what leaders actually do and experience in their everyday work. Ethics is neither solely the individual’s responsibility, nor a separate organizational issue to be controlled or solved, says Henrika Franck. We face ethical dilemmas every day, although we are not used to seeing them as such. It is not always so easy to say what is right or wrong, and we might fall into a grey zone in e.g. decision making. The organization is the people, and values are apparent in our daily work – whether they are acknowledged or not. When we become clear on our own values, our decisions and actions become more far-ranging and enlightened; our organizational strategies become more sustaining. For me, listening to our students and alumni talking about ethics and values, was an inspiring after work event. I wish I could share more – but follow us; there is  more coming up on the topic of leadership.
/Mia, Head of External Relations
Henrika Franck is Vice Rector of Research and Innovation at Arcada University of Applied Sciences. She is also a visiting researcher at the Aalto University  School of Business. Her research specializes in the actions of individuals and groups in the context of strategic/organisational/societal change, focusing on individuals as agentic moral actors.