A summer greeting to our alumni!

June 21, 2017

During this academic year I’ve had the chance to work together with Arcada’s students in many various projects, when they’ve received commissions from the Communications department or co-operated with external companies or organizations. This is something I’ve thoroughly enjoyed – it’s been rewarding to work closely with students and to gain insights into how they think, feel their joy and see the fantastic results they achieve. We have e.g. published a video series about effective job hunting. We have also had the pleasure of arranging collaborative events and follow students who have written their degree theses in support of long-term sick children. Gabriella and Julia, who just became alumni, made an animation about MRI scans for children.

The other day I spoke with someone who’d just became an alumnus, and he told me that he had sold a company that he founded during his student years. What a journey he’s made already while studying! It’s interesting, fun and rewarding to hear all these stories about what alumni are up to – whether they have just graduated, are in the middle of working life or have the end of their careers in sight. Everyone have their own path and their own story to tell, and I’d be happy and grateful to hear yours. Don’t hesitate to get in contact if you want to share your experiences with our current students.

Now we can feel summer all around us, enjoy the wonderful smells of nature and the first swim strokes in the sea have already been made. Now we want to feel the sand between our toes, relax and read in the hammock – or just gather new energy for the autumn. I also have a tip if you are looking for something to listen to – while at the same time brushing up on your Swedish. Over the last year we’ve published the Leadership podcast where a series of alumni share their experiences regarding leadership. You also get to hear Senior lecturer Mia Forss’ thoughts on the subject.

This autumn we will e.g. arrange alumni get-togethers for midwives, engineers and celebrate the media educations 20th anniversary. Stay tuned when the next academic year begins when we’ll have more information to share and keep an eye out for the invitations. Hope to see you then!

Have a fantastic and relaxing summer!

/Alumni Co-ordinator Mia