The beauty of Gothenburg

January 8, 2018


In the Arcada i Världen blog you meet students and staff from Arcada travelling the world as part of their studies of work. Here comes a post card from Nursing alumnus Muntasir Islam, who is currently studying towards a master’s degree at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

One of the lovely places to live is Gothenburg, Sweden. It is geographically very connected to Norway and Denmark and other parts of Europe including Sweden. The landscape, archipelago, deserted beaches, rocks, blue seas are totally enchanting. The city was under the Dutch rules long before thus many of her architectural structures similar to other past colonial Dutch cities like Jakarta and Manhattan. The Name of the city Gothenburg has got a sister city as well in Nebraska USA.

Historically Gothenburg has been the gateway to Atlantic and to travel across the ocean to American Continent. It is the thinkers, artists, Engineers, philanthropist and other creative people who have built the name & fame of Gothenburg. The world-renowned Volvo started its journey right from here. The Islands surrounding the city has got own heritage and thus different from each other. The ancient Fishing communities living in these islands are great embodiment of Swedish life here back in 18th Century. They are the fearless rider to the sea in every weather.  That is all for this time. 😊

/Arcada alumnus Muntasir Islam
Currently Studying Masters at Gothenburg University