Only sailing matters

November 14, 2013


Students from the Masters Degree Programme in International Business Management are currently on a Nordic study and benchmarking tour. The tempo is high – during three days they will visit companies and organisations in Oslo, Gothenburg and Copenhagen. Follow their trip here!

We are on our way from Gothenburg to Copenhagen. Beaches flashing behind the windows are amazing. Wind turbines keep rolling, some of us sleep, some chat and programme director Carl-Johan Rosenbröijer educates himself with a sailing magazine. End of season is always bad for two type of people: golfers and sailors.

We visited Selden Mast AB in Gothenburg. CEO Peter Rönnbäck sailed with us to a lovely harbour of understanding the importance of local service, expanding to different continents and wondering how one local business from a relatively small village nearby Gothenburg city centre can rule 50% of global market share in the sailing mast business?

In two hours our train crosses the huge bridge between Sweden and Denmark.