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Oily Norway has some green ideas

November 13, 2013


Students from the Masters Degree Programme in International Business Management are currently on a Nordic study and benchmarking tour. The tempo is high – during three days they will visit companies and organisations in Oslo, Gothenburg and Copenhagen. Follow their trip here!


In Norway they have French fries on top of a pizza. That is heavy if something! Norwegians are truly innovative also with many other things: we were able to visit NXTech CEO Terje Wahlström and Senior Electronics and Embedded software Engineer Tore Karlsen in Fredrikstad that is actually the municipality including Kråkeroy. NXTech does some pretty impressing stuff! Keyboards for mobile phones that need no charging or paring, cars that run purely with electricity and are good for your wallet and outdoor lights that brighten when needed. It helps to save huge amount of electricity. Oily Norway has some green ideas.

Fredrikstad reminded us of Porvoo. In the summer time its riverboats would be really nice to visit, so here is our free travelling tip!