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In Denmark D stands for Design

November 15, 2013


Students from the Masters Degree Programme in International Business Management are currently on a Nordic study and benchmarking tour. The tempo is high – during three days they will visit companies and organisations in Oslo, Gothenburg and Copenhagen. Follow their trip here!


Its the last day of our journey. We have prepared ourselves to meet the Danish yesterday with a lecture of culrural differencies in Nordic Countries. It was held by FinPro. We learned that Danes always talk about competitive companies as their buddies and show respect towards each other. This we noticed today.

We visited two design companies with different ways to work; grand oldie Holscher Design and trendier Designit. Designit thought us that design and business are linked. They also appreciated Holschers owner as a godfather of Danish design.

It was truly interesting day! Everyone is getting tired so the trip home is the best Hygge at the moment. Hygge stands for everything nice, comfortable and pretty. Adjö!