Student Life

Arcada 360 trip to Stockholm

September 21, 2018


Every year our first year students in International Business, Företagsekonomi and informationsteknik travel to Stockholm for a three day conference with lectures and company visits as part of the Arcada 360 course. Here are some students reflections from this years trip:

I expected this trip to be full of emotions and new experiences, during journey I found a lot of new friends, met people who are open-minded and truly amazing! I have never experienced this kind of unification between having fun and studying. I was visiting “Coats”, the leading company of industrial threat and yam manufactures. I wasn’t expecting it to be so breathtaking and interesting but this  firm totally took my full attention. I learned so many new things about how to make a sustainable and growing up business, I understood that it’s better to focus on quality and quantity in order to make it all work successfully. I’m really thankful that Arcada 360 organized such a nice trip, I, personally, had so much fun and let the story continue…



Det har varit en underbart upplevelse att vara på kryssning med människor som var främlingar i början, men som sedan blev kompisar. Jag har lärt känna nya människor från olika länder och olika intressanta företag. Lärarna och hela programmet har varit bättre än jag trott. Jag har fått minnesvärda stunder tack vare Arcada, som jag aldrig kommer att glömma.



This week I have been to Arcada 360 trip to Stockholm where me and fellow students have managed to meet different companies representatives. I got my personal experience from a really interesting firm called “BioGaia” which is specialized in producing daily supplements which include probiotics.

At the beginning, my personal expectation was quite low as I was sure it might be a bit boring to listen about bacteria but for my surprise it was breathtaking. I have learned so much new staff and I’ll be so happy to have an opportunity to study more about Lactobacillus reuteri (bacteria) and the company’s studies at that sphere.

Moreover, saying more about the whole trip I would add that I have made so many friends here and my “communication network” has increased recently.  It gave me a chance to look further in the business sphere and actions which companies make in order to stay competitive in the markets. Finally, teachers attention to details and open minded approach made this trip unforgettable!!! I really suggest to all of you to try to attend this wonderful journey next year which is bringing you so many benefits that will broaden your horizons in all aspects.