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Arcada 360 conference trip to Stockholm

September 23, 2015


Monday September 21st an eager bunch of 168 students from FE, IB and IA gathered at the Katajannokka terminal in Helsinki for a conference trip to Stockholm. The atmosphere in the terminal was good and students seemed eager to get on the trip. On the boat we gathered in the conference area and had an interesting lecture by Patrik Levlin from Viking Line. After that we worked in small groups to prepare for the study visits in Stockholm. The students had beforehand signed up for a company they wanted to visit. This resulted in a good group work exercise. “Speed dating” was the next topic on our agenda and this was a real success. Many students commented on this later during the trip and said that it really broke the ice. Talking to five “strangers” from the group for five minutes each made an impact on many and gave them an opening for further conversations later on. After the conference part was over we gathered at the restaurant for a buffet dinner and later free mingle.

All students where up and about the next morning eager to visit their companies. Everyone had the possibility to visit one of the following companies; Ericsson, Handels, Kicthen Time, Nordea, Screen Interaction, Spotify or Trade Tracker. After a couple of hours of free time in Stockholm we again met up at the conference area on the boat. In small groups we shared information, experiences and facts from the different visits. My feeling is that all students had had interesting visit, very different but all rewarding. Later we gathered for a set dinner and had very smartly dressed students who sat down for a lovely dinner. To see 168 young students engaging in a dinner conversation for hours is very rewarding for a teacher. After dinner we met up with the students in nice conversations and everyone had a good time.

I want to thank my colleagues; Christa, Calle, Hanne, Hellevi, Janne, Johnny and Kaj-Mikael for being on the trip. You made it possible to visit all these interesting companies and you really engaged in the program and showed a genuine interest in our students. I also want to thank our students for being active, behaving well and for eagerly taking part in all the different activities. I am proud to be part of this trip and I am proud to have such eager, engaging and fine students!

Linn, examiner for Arcada 360