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17th of September, 2010

December 14, 2015


In the Arcada i Världen blog you usually meet students and staff from Arcada travelling the world as part of their studies of work. This time the world came to Arcada instead, as Bengali student Muntasir Islam, who joined us over five years ago, remembers his first day at campus.

It was not an ordinary Friday morning of autumn. I left bed early out of enthusiasm in a new country. The first thing I did was to move the curtain of the window only to discover that there was a newness literally in everything from the people to weather, from the neighborhood to the building’s structure around me. Left home nervous as I did not have any idea about the direction to Arcada from Olari. I cannot help but laughing now when I recall it was yet confusing for me while standing in front of the Arabia Shopping Center. I chose to ask a person about the location of Arcada only to get a reply that sometimes she saw students around that corner. I followed that corner and relieved to find Arcada’s entrance. It is still vivid in my mind the lift I used, the person I met in the lift and the first lecturer. While attending the lecture I had a whole seat but believe me I was only using edge of it out of sheer excitement seeing different nationalities in the same class room. It was an indescribable pleasure to get introduced with many on the same day. To be frank I fell in love at first sight with the amazing school building on the very day. It was not an easy day though as on my way back home I was walking around like a headless chicken, asking a lot of people about my home address!

Five years on! The fantastic journey nears to an end.  Though I am not ready to call it as ending since the memory what left behind is much worth to share and cherish for the rest of the life. My light baggage in a new country has been heavy & replaced with lot of love, selfies, friendship and goodwill of numerous people whom I met during my study and life in Finland. Over time I have learnt to walk on the ice with confidence. No matter how many years passed by the attachment with this posh school shall remain intact and why should not it be. Many years from now while sitting in a chair for a while & listening to “kotkas ros” my face would probably glow with the memories at different corners of Arcada which I left behind. To cut a long story short – Arcada has given me the International wings to fly all over the World.

/Muntasir Islam